What services do we offer?

Automotive electrical repair and Installation


Are you having electrical gremlins? or finding things just not working correctly.

Then you can call us to come and take a look and get that problem dealt with swiftly and professionally.


Noticing the new technology available on new cars but also noticing the cost?

Dont worry, we can fit a variety of upgrades to your existing vehicle at a competitive price.


We can also arrange a visit and a quote for customised and bespoke installations.

Whether it be custom dash installs, lighting setups or modifications, just contact us for further information.


Auto-Make is a company whose goal is to increase the pleasure of driving. We spend enough time in our cars, that we should be able to enjoy the  experience to the full.

We aim to bring technologies together in order to increase the overall capability of both vehicle and driver. Supply your own or ask us to find you the most suitable product.

Whether it be the installation of a reversing system to aid those tricky manoeuvres, or the addition of a dash cam for safety and insurance discounts.

We can provide a personal experience which can help you find the best product for your needs.

Available as a mobile service, so we can come to your address and discuss the available options in the comfort of your own home.

Contact us at the bottom of this page to learn more about what we can do.

The Team

Here you can see our current available technicians.
Geoff Kerrigan

Geoff Kerrigan

Technical Director

Founder and Head Technician at Auto-Make.

He has many years experience with vehicle electrical systems and installations.

With a keen eye for detail, he can help you with your idea's

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